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Properly written essay application for college abroad are the key to success when enrolling in a selected university. Here you can find recommendations on how to write a motivational essay.

1. Preparatory stage

Before writing an essay, consider the content. Try to make a list of questions that need to be answered in the process of writing an essay:

Who you are? What is important to you? What do the results you achieved during school or other activities show? Confirm with concrete examples. Do not write simply: “I am smart.” Tell us how you managed to solve a difficult problem. Do not say simply: “I am purposeful.” Describe the goal you set and achieved. Tell us how you achieved it.

Why did you choose this particular area of ​​expertise? What attracts you to it? Why do you want to devote your life to this particular profession? Do not say simply: “Chemistry is my favorite subject.” Tell us what impression the first independent experiments made on you or how you were carried away by a specific idea or phenomenon.

Why did you choose this particular university? Learn as much as you can about the university. Determine what exactly makes this university special? Don’t just say, “Duke University is a great place.” Write down what academically strong points you are attracted by; name a professor who studies there in your area, or a research center working in this area of ​​knowledge Describe the uniqueness of the university.

What are your professional goals? Don’t just say: “My goal is to get a degree from Duke University.” Demonstrate how the education you want to meet corresponds to the logic of your personal and professional development. Your training will be a continuation of what you have already begun and will help you achieve your goals.

2. Writing an essay

Start by writing down your answers to preliminary questions.

Organize your ideas: write a plan, for example:

Paragraph 1: Introduction

Draw the reader’s attention with something exciting. Formulate the main idea at the beginning of the essay.

Paragraph 2,3,4: Main Part

Give evidence to support your main idea. If appropriate, give specific examples from your life, study, work. You can write about your family, your country, someone you admire.

Final paragraph

Repeat and strengthen your main idea. Associate the conclusion with the beginning of the essay. It may be worth making a note of optimism in your text.

Find a convincing, sincere tone, not very official, but not entirely conversational. Your style reflects your personality.

Be specific. Always choose not the general, but the particular. Do not say simply: “I have always loved philosophy,” call a philosopher who had a great influence on you.