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   In this section, we will look at the student research plan and its main points.

 We will describe in detail the contents of each item in the outline research project plan for students.

1. Title page of research work

2. Content of research

3. Introduction of research

  In Introduction of the research work, the relevance of the chosen topic is justified, the object, the subject of the research and the main problems are determined, the purpose and content of the tasks are stated, it is stated what is the novelty of the research (if any).

  This chapter defines the research methods, substantiates the theoretical and practical significance (if there is a practical part) of the work.

Research Introduction Structure

   The relevance of the research project

   The object and subject of study

   Purpose of research

   Tasks of research

   Research methods

   The theoretical significance of the work

   The practical significance of the work

4. Historical background on the problem of research

5. Conclusion (brief conclusions on the results of research work, assessment of the completeness of the solution of the tasks)

   It consistently presents the results obtained, determines their relationship with the overall goal and the specific tasks formulated in the introduction, gives a self-assessment of the work done. In some cases, you can specify ways to continue researching the topic, as well as specific tasks to be solved.

6. Used literature  

After the conclusion, it is customary to post a list of references used in the performance of research work. Each source included in it should be reflected in the explanatory note. Do not include in this list work that was not actually used.

7. Applications (diagrams, graphs, charts, photographs, tables, maps).

   Auxiliary or additional materials that clutter up the bulk of the work are placed in applications. Each application should begin with a new sheet (page) with the word “Application” in the upper right corner and have a thematic title. If there is more than one application in the work, they are numbered in Arabic numerals (without the number sign), etc. The numbering of the pages on which the applications are given should be transparent and continue the general numbering of the main text. If you strictly adhere to the outline for a research paper, the work will comply with all norms and requirements.

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